Non-singer sing!

Sing praises to God, sing praises; sing praises to our King, sing praises. Psalms 47:6

Last night my brother was conducting an “evening of music” at the children’s school, an outstanding show and very refreshing. Afterwards the headmaster got up and spoke of how David would play music to drive away the evil spirit that was tormenting Saul and how we temporarily forgot our stresses while the show took place – a true story!

Simply put, music is an amazing gift from God. It was a stroke of genius on his part to create it. Bob Kauflin of Sovereign Grace Ministries says that “God gave us singing to help us deepen and develop our relationship with him”. He also quotes Ronald Allen who said, “When a non-singer becomes a Christian, he or she becomes a singer. Not all are blessed with a finely tuned ear and a well modulated voice; so the sound may not be superb – it may even be out-of-tune and off-key. Remember: worship is a state of heart; musical sound is a state of art. Let’s not confuse them.”

Let us use this gift to lift up God’s name – the Bible says we praise him when we sing. Let us also use it to bless others; music touches people in ways that only God can explain. It is a wonderful gift that helps us to teach and remember Biblical truth as well. Let us not underestimate the vast treasure locked up in this gift. Let us unlock it by obeying the command of Scripture and singing to the Lord.