Apostolic Ambition

It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else’s foundation. Romans 15:20

Imagine writing down personal ambitions and comparing yours with the Apostle Paul’s. How would it compare. How close to God’s plan for mankind is yours? How close is it to the Biblical command to Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation? I remember in the early days of our church’s life and learning for the first time that the word apostolic referred to a sent people and learning what that meant for me and for us as a body of believers. It greatly affected my life and I was eager to tell the world about Jesus.

For many of us, our engagement with the Gospel lasts as long as a church service does and not much outside of that. Our calling and mandate is our communities and nation and all the nations of the world. We are called to make disciples of all nations; that’s a tall mandate.

Here are a few things for you to consider as you prayerfully respond to God’s call:

  1. In what ways can you take the gospel into the community where God has placed you?
  2. In what ways can you serve a church in another area to mutually strengthen one another and inspire passion for the gospel and God’s call on us as his people?
  3. Has God placed any countries particularly on your heart to pray for?
  4. Is God calling you to serve that country in any way, even moving there to be part of a gospel-centred community of believers?



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