Devoted: God and people

…praising God and enjoying the favour of all the people. Acts 2:47

In this passage of Acts 2:42-47, we see the “Up-In-Out” dynamic at play. We’ve been looking a lot this week and last at the “In” dynamic, the importance of internal relationships and devotion one to another. In today’s little phrase that flows from verse 46 and forms part of verse 47, we see the other 2 dimensions expressed succinctly yet powerfully. Praising God! That’s the “Up” dimension and so very important. Giving praise to God not only gives him what belongs to Him but also helps us to understand who he is. When we praise and tell God who he is and what he is like, it informs our minds and allows those powerful truths to settle in our heart, giving revelation and fuel for a life full of worship and the right perspective.

Then there’s the “Out” dimension. How we relate to those outside the church. Now get this: these guys enjoyed the favour of all the people. They didn’t just have this stuck up “take it or leave it” attitude. “We are holier than thou and you don’t understand the things of the Spirit”. Their ministry was such that they were respected by outsiders and they found favour with them. That’s a challenge for us today. Can the same be said of us? That might be something for you to pray about and to work on as God helps you. Minister to the world with love, grace, patience, compassion and friendship in such a way that your light can be seen and they praise your Father in Heaven. And don’t forget, the best place to start is with looking at God and giving him praise and thanks. Let’s go up, in and out!



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