Devoted: Together

All the believers were together and had everything in common. Acts 2:44.

Our unity as believers is both a spiritual and mental thing, but also one that is outworked practically in tangible ways. We see that in the early Church, this wasn’t something that they merely spoke about but that they put into practice in a big way. The outcome was this – they had everything in common. Wow. Land, houses, cars, food, clothes – EVERYTHING! It’s no wonder this Church was so powerful. Their unity was spiritual – fellowship through Christ, mental – one mind and practical – sharing possessions. Such a unity is impenetrable and it ushers in the blessing of God. As you can imagine, it causes outsiders to look in amazement at what God is doing. It brings to light the words of Jesus that by our love one for another, all men will know that we are his disciples.

Today, how can you express unity in a practical way? Is there something you can give or share with someone to express your oneness with them in Jesus? Do you need to revisit your attitude towards your possessions in order for you to be better able to express such unity?



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